For all I've been saying on Tumblr recently, I have no personal grudge against you - I know that you're aware that your kink is problematic and that you should be critical about its existence. I'm sorry for anything personally hurtful I might have said to you. I'd still like to be your friend.

… I really, really appreciate this. A lot. Thank you very, very much. <:c

I hope it was ok to make this public. I’ll delete it if not.

Had a couple nasty rounds in a row and lost a duel I issued. Feeling pretty foul.

Being bested when you’re cock-sure is the worst thing about this game…

On that note, I need to figure out how to make a lizardfolk cleric of godzilla.

>never had a problem with the idea of someone playing D&D as a character from a movie or game or whatever

>guy joined us for one session, made a fallen angel who duel wields sickles and wears a hood and is named Malthiel

"That’s kind of neat"

>see footage from a Diablo game




I usually keep track of my wallet really well but especially lately since it contains my last few spendable dollars so of course it has up and gone missing

I don’t see how or when this happened but I’m so not stoked

my mom just pulled some shit straight out of the movie Dreamcatcher and located my wallet at the bottom of a box in a stack of boxes in our unused room

time to pay, m-m-mr gray

If Fallout 4 doesn’t have a questline to become a ghoul or a mechanic that allows you to craft custom and ridiculous weapons from nothing but scraps I do not want it.



fighting feral ghouls is like fighting threadbare socks full of soft cheese

like people in game call ghouls “squishy” and I never got it because non feral ghouls seem pretty solid but if you power fist a feral ghoul in the face their whole body explodes like riding a bike over a toothpaste tube full of roadkill


I’m splitting this post by eslore into a new thread. 


I have to point out something, for validity’s sake: I am skeptical of what Lady Nerevar says about the Argonians in Morrowind. I have seen no proof of this, though it is plausible. The two references given are also not valid (one proves nothing, and the other is a reference to her own writing).

My argument against such an idea: there are many Argonians who have never been near Hist sap, however they are not sexless. Considering this, I would say that the idea is merely rumor.

I would like to hear more of this idea, though. Perhaps there is more evidence?

First of, that book I linked isn’t my own writing - it’s a book from ESO. It says “submitted by Lady N” because I’m the one that uploaded it to the Library. The Imperial Library does not include any fan writings outside of the Forum Scholar’s Guild. 

Here are various sources for Hist determining Argonian bodies (starting with the two I linked earlier):

Myths and Legends of the Hist (ESO)

It is said that when a Saxhleel emerges from juvenescence, it finds a nearby Hist tree to lick sap from its bole. The elements in the sap quicken the hormonal glands, which sprout appropriate organs from which the Argonian’s gender can be determined. Immediately afterward, an appropriate mate is found and reproduction occurs. 

Traveling-New-Woman (MW) again refers to a licking ceremony.

Post by Mark Nelson, of Bethesda, referencing the connection, as well as the Hist’s ability to alter the Argonian reproductive system in general:

There has been talk about how the Hist (and Hist sap) are related to Argonian sexuality. This hasn’t changed…it’s still related. 

Never underestimate the adaptability of Argonians, or, more specifically, the power of the Hist to allow Argonians to adapt.

I wouldn’t expect to hear an Argonian born in Skyrim (or on Solstheim, for that matter) mention being hatched. Nor would I expect to hear more transient Argonians (say, members of a small, nomadic tribe) speak about laying eggs. However, in warmer climates, in places with established, stable, and permanent communities, you would likely see a great number of eggs.

GT Noonan, also of Bethesda, on the Hist’s ability to change Argonian bodies:

They may range from either a very humanlike appearance to a crocodile-like appearance. I guess it depends on how many times they decide to lick the tree (refer to the PGE).

Douglass Goodall, yet again of Bethesda, teasing the relationship:

No comment on the exact relationship between the Hist and the Argonian reproductive cycle, but it’s cool. 

The in-game Morrowind description of the Argonian race: 

At home in water and on land, the Argonians of Black Marsh are well-suited to the treacherous swamps of their homeland, with natural immunities protecting them from disease and poison. The female life-phase is highly intelligent, and gifted in the magical arts. The more aggressive male phase has the traits of the hunter: stealth, speed, and agility. Argonians are reserved with strangers, yet fiercely loyal to those they accept as friends.

Dominion Troops General Order 719a (ESO) includes another vague reference:

The tree has something to do with their mating rituals and life-cycle, so that is understandable.

As for why we don’t see any sexless Argonians: gameplay. Perhaps if we get a game set entirely in Black Marsh, Bethesda would be able to devote the resources necessary to depicting Argonian life phases and physiology in detail. But then again, maybe we’ve already seen Argonians without genitals, but didn’t know it?

I'm so glad to see Argonians being discussed as they are one of the most overlooked races yet still very interesting lore-wise. Real live reptiles are weird and varied, why can't Tamriel reptilians be? There are lizards that practice parthinogenesis, a species of lizard in Australia is developing a mammalian uterus as we speak, etc (they've found that its reproductive system is slowly becoming more mammalian and adapted for live birth).


Generally speaking, reptiles keep their genitals tucked inside their body until it’s mating time, so most likely you wouldn’t be able to tell what sort of naughty bits of an Argonian you were looking at anyway.

Posting both of these together because I know next to nothing about non-mammalian biology and all of this is really, really interesting to me. Also, scary.

I really want to get a game set in Black Marsh (perhaps a spin-off Adventure title, so that we don’t have to spend as much time on the pesky letting everyone play anything thing) so that we can more fully explore all these things. Between having the different genders differentiated solely by coloration and having the type of birth determined by environment (both discussed during Morrowind’s development), and having a language that doesn’t have a concept of time (mentioned in the Infernal City), they’re one hell of a race.